Robert “Han” Bishop, Ph.D.

Robert “Han” Bishop brings a lifetime of experience and learning in service to all those who choose to work with him.


Awakened Guidance is his profound synergistic process that utilizes ancient shamanic and modern therapeutic healing practices.

Using the powerful techniques of Awakened Guidance, Han skillfully counsels, heals and teaches clients of all ages. He inspires them to go beyond present limitations and live lives of contribution based in well-being, greater personal power, and expressions of their true purpose.

With a Ph.D. from Northwestern University specializing in Environmental Psychology, Han spent several decades in corporate and government leadership positions before pursuing his passion for awakening others to their higher guidance.

Han is recognized as a clear channel and reader of the Akashic Records. He has been a shamanic practitioner for many years, and has received extensive training in the healing arts of spirit releasement and soul retrieval.

Han is a certified clinical hypnotherapist from the Institute of Transpersonal Studies. He is also an ordained Minister, and an advanced practitioner of vibrational (energy) healing.  

Han is presently Director of the Advancement of Humanity (Institution & Foundation) dedicated to Raising Consciousness and Transforming Human Endeavor, see: AdvHumanity

He previously served as trainer for Community Matters, a non profit organization that empowers youth and transforms communities. Han presented “Safe School Ambassador” Programs in public schools throughout North America.

Han is a published author. His stories have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Wisdom of Dads and Chicken Soup to Inspire Body & Soul. Articles, written during his early academic career, appeared in several professional journals. In addition, Han co-authored (with M. Thomas) Protecting Children from Danger: Building Self Reliance and Emergency Skills without Fear, North Atlantic Books (1993)

He was a founder of Protecting Our Loved Ones International (POLO),
a non-profit organization dedicated to child and family safety education.

Han is affiliated with:

  • Akashic Record Consultants International.
  • American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.
  • International Association of Regression Therapy.
  • International Institute of Coaching
  • The Society of Shamanic Practitioners

“According to one of my own mentors, for us to ‘wake up,’ it’s important to ‘wake-down,’ and embrace the totality of who we are. That means embracing our most vulnerable and wounded parts”

“The following section recounts some of the wounds that reside at the root of my true purpose and the gifts I am here to offer” - Han

From the Deepest Wounds Come Our Purpose:
An Intimate Look at the Gifts from My Past

I was born in New York City during World War II. My father left our family when I was four years old. My mother suffered a severe emotional breakdown shortly afterwards, and was confined to a mental institution for several years. As a result, my grandmother had to raise me, following the traditional model of the times. The guidance that could have made all the difference in my early life, just wasn’t available.

Profoundly affected by these events, I concluded that having only myself to rely on was not enough. So, I would often seek guidance from others, but lacked the experience and discernment to know who to trust or what path to follow.

Although I became well educated, and experienced a lifetime of adventure, great learning, and rich connections, I continued this pattern of looking to others for guidance.

In a recent wake-up call, my lifelong tendency to accept answers from others led me to trust unscrupulous people, make unwise decisions, and lose a significant percent of all my accumulated assets. In spite of this financial misfortune, I learned a great life lesson: To take full responsibility for my own decisions and not to blame others.

Developing a Trustworthy Path to Self Reliance

Without the foundation of early, loving guidance, I’ve spent much of this lifetime engaged in ongoing personal and spiritual transformation work, as well as study of the healing arts.

My professional work, primarily in corporate and governmental positions, gave me a vehicle for making contributions in the workplace for most of my adult life. 

Finally, after more than a decade of service as International Sales Manager for a large corporation, an even larger corporation acquired us. By early 2007, the job I held and loved for many years changed dramatically, and I chose to discontinue working there.

My direction and thoughts turned to questions like:

  • What is next?
  • What should I do with the rest of my life?
  • How can I contribute meaningfully to the lives of others?

This profound inquiry led to several years of intense shamanic training where I came to recognize my greatest gift:

Assisting people in connecting with their Higher Guidance while supporting them in trusting the Wisdom and Healing that emerges.

“I am here to serve others with love, wisdom, trust, and the bringing of life. This is the living foundation for how I work with clients seeking counseling, healing, and learning.”

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