“Han helped me tremendously to deal with my newly diagnosed breast cancer, and he gave me the courage to face it head on with strength and dignity. Through silently reciting his forgiveness meditation, I found an inner calm come over me. The timing of our healing session was key to changing my outlook and attitude. I can't find words to express my gratitude. Thank you Han.”
Amy Swanstrom

Han's Akashic Record session was the most helpful psychic reading I've ever received. It came at a transition point in my life, giving me much needed clarity as to my direction and the next steps for getting there. Thank you so much, Han, for your valuable support"
Mercedes Kirkel

“Han helped me look at a difficult issue using several different modalities. His holistic approach gave me a great feeling of relief. He is very intuitive, nurturing, and insightful. I have known Han for many years. He has a high level of integrity and continually demonstrates his dedication and passion for helping others.” 
JamRa Soares

“Receiving an Akashic Record reading from Han was truly an amazing experience. Han is a pure channel, able to access the Akashic Records with genuine sincerity and compassion. The healing energy I felt during and after the session was most powerful, and the information I received from the reading connected the dots from other lifetimes to this lifetime. I was given exactly what I needed to hear in those moments in a most loving and compassionate manner.” 
Jolene Hayes

Han has studied many healing and shamanistic modalities and brings great, genuine interest and care to each individual he works with. He created a safe and caring space for me to do my inner work." 
Bobbi Berrens

“Han's reading of my Akashic Records was poignant, concise and got to the heart of each and very question I asked.  I completed the session with a clear sense of what to do now to move forward and ever upward.  He is truly a gifted Akashic reader. I thank you, Han, with much gratitude.” 
Lynn Kirkham

“In my first hypnotherapy session, Han skillfully guided me to a place I resisted. There I experienced intense black rage carried in my subconscious. With Han’s guidance, I received a clear message from my Higher Self to contemplate and hold in conscious awareness.” 
Anthony Phillipson

“I received one hypnotherapy session with Han for a problem I had for years: gritting my teeth at night. [Since I] never knew why or when, I had no control over it. Some mornings, my jaw and head were so sore, tense, and uncomfortable that I’d be stressed all day.  After my session with Han, I became conscious of my jaw, neck and head muscles, and I could relax them in an instant. I no longer wake up with that sore, stressed tension.  Thank you Han, for the answer to ending my long-term teeth gritting problem.”
Emilie Watson

“Han is a master at clearly seeing the Akashic Records, then interpreting them accurately and compassionately. I feel his gifts assisted me through a ‘tight turn’ in my personal growth. I am thankful he was there with his wisdom, warmth and clarity.” 
Jan Cercone

“A hypnotherapy session with Han gave me a clearer definition of some of my main sub-personalities, in particular one negative sub-personality.  By giving it more defined boundaries and identifying and acknowledging it to another person, I objectively recognize when it acts up.” 

 “The Akashic Record readings I received from Han were clear and unbiased.  He first created a safe space for us before beginning the reading. The knowledge I received confirmed I was on the right path and removed some of the barriers to my goals. Since my readings, I’m more focused and relaxed, knowing I am on the right path and that my Guides are truly supporting me along the way. I feel so much love and light around me. Now I recommend Han highly to my colleagues and clients alike.”
Rachelle Goering

“I had been feeling the need for some kind of help or guidance with old habit patterns and challenges. Still, I went into the Akashic Record reading with Han without much expectation. I did trust that it would ring true in my body in some recognizable way if there was truth for me in what he was sharing, ... Since the reading, it’s felt like a 150-pound rock has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so grateful for the open hearted and compassionate way the information was delivered, grateful for my openness to receiving it, and incredibly grateful for the help and guidance that came to me through Han.” 
Dennis Rafkind

“Thank you, Han, for my Akashic Record reading. Afterwards I cried tears of joy. Your reading helped me tremendously. I am opening my heart to new life, and have shared this experience with my two grown children.” Yadira Vigil

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