To work with Han:

All you need is a true, heartfelt desire for Awakened Guidance.

Be willing to awaken to your own inner guidance, uncover the answers in yourself, and:

  • Move forward in your Life
  • Go beyond your present limitations
  • Experience Greater Personal Power and Well-Being
  • Learn and Act on your True Purpose
  • Transform your Life and your Results

Several customized individual and/or group packages address your specific needs for Awakening to Your Inner Guidance. Everyone starts with a no-cost 30-minute “Awakened Guidance Consultation.” (Contact Han by email, phone, or Skype to schedule your free consultation (see below)

Awakened Guidance is a powerful synergy of ancient shamanic practices with contemporary healing and therapeutic approaches.

Awakened Guidance includes Han’s expertise in:

     * Akashic Record Reading
     * Shamanic Healing via Soul Retrieval & Spirit Releasement
     * Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
     * Vibrational (Energy) Healing Modalities

As a Client, You will:

  • Understand and Heal emotional and physical pain from root causes.
  • Live into your Deepest Life Purpose with Courage and Confidence
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs that keep you from stepping into Greatness
  • Melt obstacles that block you from Manifesting your Desires
  • Tap into the Profound Wisdom and Healing of your Higher Guidance
  • Learn to Trust Inner Wisdom from the Heart of your Being
  • Enjoy more Loving, Meaningful Relationships than you ever thought Possible

More about Trust

As a result of Han’s work, clients are often astonished and weep tears of gratitude for the wisdom and healing they receive.

However, clients sometimes choose to go in different directions than suggested by their Higher Guidance.

Why Is that?

Our culture reveres the limited ego and conscious mind. Thus, we often rely on these limited parts of ourselves (especially our “monkey minds”) as more trustworthy for decision-making than they should be.

Additionally, we often hold hidden beliefs in our subconscious that powerfully affect our willingness to trust higher inner knowing. Thus, an equally important part of Han's work with clients is to uncover (and dissolve) negative beliefs that obstruct their willingness to Trust.

Attention: “Wounded” Healers & Teachers

Many practicing Teachers and Healers find their way to Han through referrals, word of mouth, events, and online connections. Many of these clients carry emotional, energetic, or psychic wounds from this lifetime and others.

These wounds usually generate deeply-rooted beliefs that it’s unsafe to be visible.  As these teachers and healers prepare to come forward to share their gifts and purpose in a bigger, more visible way in the world, they encounter blocks and obstacles. 

Han, as a clear channel, tailors his approach for each client’s situation, accessing and connecting people with their Higher Guidance.  Whether it’s through the Akashic Records, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, or a Shamanic Journey to meet with spirit guides, Han’s depth of experience and intuition gives clients the confidence to trust the transformations they experience.

Sensitive Guidance in “Trusting your Inner Knowing”
(for adolescents, young adults, and their parents)

What if young people received guidance to trust their inner knowing?

 Learning  to listen to your inner higher guidance and following your highest purpose can profoundly affect the health and happiness of every being on the planet.

Only For Parents and Young Adults Willing to Transform the World

Education and career decisions for students preparing for college and post-college can cause tremendous stress. During high school, cultural, parental, and institutional pressures on students include concern about grades, selecting and being accepted in the “right” college, and deciding on a major as the first step on a career path to an undetermined future.

Parents: With your children at this critical age, what if they had the ability to choose the direction in life they are deeply drawn to?

Young People: What if you learned to listen and trust your inner knowing? What if you could count on inner guidance to follow your life purpose and help you determine the next steps on your life path?

Han’s package, “Listen for the First Steps on Your Life Path,” is tailored for young people and their parents who are facing this stressful life juncture and are looking for deep guidance in moving forward in a purposeful way.

Begin your incredible Journey of Self-Discovery,
Healing and Empowerment


Call or e-mail to schedule your initial 30 minute FREE
 “Awakened Guidance Consultation”

Robert “Han” Bishop, Ph.D.

(415) 419 -4427

Consultations in person, by phone, or via Skype

NOTE: Han offers a sliding scale of fees for services, depending on the needs of each client. Usually his clients choose to start with a personal Akashic Record Reading, and then proceed with whatever services are most useful afterwards

When required, Han also honors the principle of AYNI, which is an Andean word for “giving back”. The healer may not ask payment for services rendered, but spiritually, it is expected that something be returned in money, goods or services to express gratitude for what has been received.