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* Learn to Listen to and Trust your Higher Guidance *

* Wake up to Heal your Inner Wounds *

    * Experience Greater Personal Power and Well-Being *

* Express your True Purpose *

* Make your Greatest Contribution *

     “Time after time, the people I work with weep tears of joy when they are connected to their inner wisdom. And time after time, these same people often make choices that take them in the opposite direction from the awakened guidance they received” - HAN

That’s why going beyond awakening to your own inner guidance is so important. You must learn to embrace, embody, and grow confident that the guidance you receive from inside yourself is totally trustworthy.

You’ll Learn to Trust the Transformation that Awaits You

Like most of my clients, you may find yourself bumping up against your inner limitations, maybe with a health problem or emotional challenge. Or you find yourself stuck inside a life, a relationship, or work that no longer serves you.

Whether it’s limiting beliefs, emotional pain, or blocks and obstacles around fully living your purpose, your own awakened guidance lives within you. My mission is to help you connect with your guidance, trust that wisdom, and discover why you are here.

 Awakened Guidance: My Commitment to You

At Awakened Guidance, you will partner with an experienced guide along your path dedicated to your awakening.  With access to my decades of experience, you will:

  • Awaken to your Higher Guidance
  • Learn How and Why you can Trust it
  • Travel beyond your present limitations
  • Cultivate Wellness, Freedom and Personal Power
  • Transform your everyday into Extraordinary by Expressing    your True Life Purpose

How do we Accomplish these Results?

In one-on-one sessions and small group classes, both live and online, we gather to access inner wisdom. We use ancient healing practices combined with modern counseling and healing methods precisely tailored for each person.

Awakened Guidance: The Mission

Awakening others to their higher guidance and trust by empowering, expanding and transforming everyday obstacles into new realities.

“My Mission is to Empower you by Expanding your Awareness of Reality. I channel the Akashic Records of your Soul’s journey so you receive Wisdom and Healing. I help you attain Freedom from limiting beliefs and feelings, and to recover lost fragments of your Soul. As you Awaken and Heal, you will manifest a Life of Wellness, Greater Personal Power, and feel the Joy of Living your True Purpose.”

Robert “Han” Bishop, Ph.D.

Begin your incredible Journey of Self-Discovery,
Healing and Empowerment

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